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2022 Irocís Badger Run
June 24 - 26, 2022

The American Legion Riders Association of Wisconsin is pleased to host
a Wisconsin motorcycle run to benefit The Highground Veterans Memorial Park.
This Run is open to the public - it's not just for Legion Riders!

The Highground complex, totaling approximately 450 acres, is located in central Wisconsin.
It has served Veterans and their families for more than 35 years. The beautiful grounds are
continually maintained by a crew of nearly 200 volunteers. The number of annual visitors is
225,000 and that number continues to grow. Some 7,000 of those annual visitors are
Veterans, many of whom become recipients of personalized support services as they visit,
tour, and come to know The Highground.

The expansion of The Highground and Camp Victory will take the organization to the next
level. Improved services and facilities for Veterans and their families will provide the

• Increased financial stability and long-term sustainability with the pay-off of the $450,000
• Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ensuring access to the entire
park and all memorial sites for disabled Veterans and visitors
• A new 12,000 square-foot Welcome and Visitor Center, with space for larger events,
meetings, and programs, as well as mental health services
• Improved parking, allowing for safer access to memorials and the Welcome and
Visitor Center

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Click on the links below to check out The Highground,
and our chase vehicle sponsor S&S Cycle.

The Highground S&S Cycle
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