2006 Photo Album


Riders Visit VA Medical Center - December 20, 2006

Riders from Dist’s 1, 2, 4, & 5 again went to the Zablocki VA Medical Center on December 20, 2006 to distribute Harley Tee Shirts, candy and, hopefully, some Christmas cheer. Below are a few photos of that event.


Captain Rhett Schiller Funeral - November 28, 2006

The District 1 Riders were honored to attend the viewing (11/27/06) and funeral (11/28/06) for Captain Rhett Schiller, 82nd Airborne, killed in Iraq on November 16th. In the rain, Dale, Phantom and Pack Rat led the funeral procession from the funeral home in Burlington to the cemetary in Waterford flying the American Flag, the Army Flag and (purchased by the District 1 Sun Shine Committee for this memorial) the 82nd Airborne Div. flag. After full military honors at the cemetary, provided by an honor guard up from the 82nd Airborne Div at Ft Bragg, the Division's flag was presented to Capt. Schiller's father. It should be noted that the Patriot Guard Riders did another excellent job of posting the colors at the funeral home and at the cemetary. Note the vault cover. Apparently the 82nd Airborne provides this for all fallen members.


Milwaukee Vets Day Parade - Saturday, November 4, 2006

Members of the ALRA of Wisconsin participated in the 43rd annual Veterans Day Parade in Milwaukee on Saturday, November 4, 2006. Below are a number of photos of those members participating in the event.


Wall Escorts

Below are a few photos of some of the ALRA of Wisconsin members during a couple of the wall escorts recently in the Beloit and Brookfield (Post 449) areas.

District #1 along with the American Legion Riders of Wisconsin would like to thank Mr. Carter Doering of Brookfield Post 449 for all his hard work and dedication to both getting the POW/MIA Flag to fly at Brookfield City Hall along with bringing the Wall to Brookfield. His hard work is a shining example of what a hard working American Legion Member can get accomplished by not taking no for an answer.


Silent March - Kenosha - September 16, 2006

Members of the ALRA of Wisconsin participated in a Silent March in Kenosha on September 16th. Below are a few photos of that event.


Congratulations on Districts 2 & 3 Organizing

Our hats are off to ALRA of Wisconsin, Districts 2 and 3, who were formalized this summer. Congratulations to all the new officers and members and for their hard efforts in getting their districts off the ground and running. We all applaud you for your hard work and look for great things to happen in your new districts. You may check their progress by clicking on the respective District button to the left.


Richfield Days Parade - August 27, 2006

Below are some members of the ALRA of Wisconsin who participated in the RIchfield Days parade.


Sgt. Ryan Jopek Laid to Rest - August 14, 2006

Merrill resident and a member of the 2nd batallion, 127th Infantry Regiment, Sgt. Ryan Jopek, 20, who died in combat operations in Tikrit, Iraq on August 2nd, was laid to rest near one of his fellow soldiers, PFC Grant Dampier who died in Iraq in May. Members of the ALRA of Wisconsin along with the Patriot Guard Riders, paid their final respects to the fallen veteran. Below are a couple pictures of those in attendance.


Iron Ridge Parade - August 13, 2006

Below are a couple photos of an assortment of ALRA members throughout the state who participated in the Iron Ridge parade.



Wild Rose Parade - July 23, 2006

A mixture of Districts 1, 4/5 and 6 and maybe others, did the Wild Rose Days parade on Sunday July 23. We have never been thanked so profusly, sincerely and by as many people as we were for this parade. After we did our thing at the beginning of the parade we parked our bikes at the local Legion Post and went back up the street to watch the rest of the parade, directly across from the parade announcer. As the last fire engines went by at the end of the parade, the announcer asked, publically, that all the Legion Riders come out on the street so we could be publically thanked by the spectators for leading the parade. How great is that?? One photo below shows the gang on the parade route getting a big hand from the crowd.) Oh ya, we also won the award for best unit in the parade...are we good or what?

Independence Day Parades

Below are a few pictures of some of the Independence Day Parades the ALRA of Wisconsin participated in.


Veteran's Memorial Dedication - July 1, 2006

Below are a couple pictures of the parade and veteran's memorial dedication in Berlin. State Commander Teddy Duckworth was present for the ceremony.


District 2 Formalizes - June 17, 2006

Congratulations to the members of District 2 for organizing your district. A seperate web page has been added on the left for District 2. It's great to see the organization growing! To find out more about District 2 and the District 2 meeting schedule, click on District 2 on the left side of this page under "District Events".


West Allis Parade - June 15, 2006

ALRA members from Districts 1 and 4/5 participated in the West Allis Anniversary parade. It was hot and long but the Riders perservered.


Flag Retirement Ceremony - Milwaukee - June 14, 2006

ALRA members along with the local Boy Scouts took part in a flag retirement ceremony in Milwaukee. Below are a few photos of the event.


Appleton Flag Day Parade - June 10, 2006

Below are a couple photos of members who participated in the Appleton Flag Day parade.


Reclaiming Our Heritage - June 3-4, 2006

Members from Districts 1 & 4/5 participated in the Reclaiming Our Heritage festivities on the grounds of the Clement J. Zablocki Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Milwaukee. We were honored to lead the opening parade on each day. The following are memories of the two day event.


Memorial Day Events

Several Rider members participated in Memorial Day parades and activities throughout the state; in Burlington, Appleton, Twin Lakes and Union Grove to name a few. Here are a few pictures of those events. Thanks for all the pics Don!

While at the Memorial Day ceremonies at the new VA cemetery in Union Grove, the members from District 1 visited one of our ALRA members, Leroy Nimitz's grave for a moment of silence and a salute. Not knowing, It turned out the Riders parked their bikes right next to where Leroy is buried. What a memorable day!


Journey For Freedom - May 23, 2006

Below are a few pictures taken of some of our ALRA members with a tour of the Harley plant for a group called "Journey for Freedom", wo were riding from Seattle WA to Washington DC for the Ride to the Wall.


ALRA Participates in H.O.G. Event to King Vets Home

On Sunday, May 21st, members from ALRA of WI participated in Fox Valley H.O.G. chapter's annual run to the King Veterans Home Open House. Escorted by State Patrol, approximately 140 bikes participated in the event. Below are a few pictures.


ALRA District 1 Military Funeral Participation

On Sunday, May 21, members of District 1 felt very honored to be asked by the funeral home to be the honor guard for the funeral of Spc Eric Clark of Pleasant Prairie who was killed May 11th in Iraq near Camp Liberty.

Over 500 attended the service including the Wisconsin Governor and several generals. During the procession to the church, as the motorcade moved through town, under police escort, each intersection was blocked by police or fire department vehicles with officers and firemen in full uniform who would come to attention and salute as the motorcade passed. Many civilians and members of the Patriot Guard Riders also stood along the route with flags and signs thanking Spc Clark for his service and sacrifice.

Below are some "heartfelt" comments by Don Stone, District 1 member, along with a few photos of the event. (Escort photo courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal.)

"I can also not begin to describe how proud I am of our brothers and sisters in the Patriot Guard Riders, their presence was truly remarkable. Not only were they there when we arrived at the church but they stayed in formation throughout the services (a mass) and were still in place when we left for the cemetery to see Spc Clark off in the proper way. As we all said at the end, this is truly why we joined the Riders. What an honor. I hope we never have to do another one."


ALRA District 11 Military Funeral Participation

On Tuesday, May 16th, members from District 11were honored to participate at the recent military funeral in Ladysmith for SSG Nathan Vacho who died in Iraq on May 5th. The show of support was overwhelming with over 100 motorcyclists attending.


Support Our Troops Ride - May 13, 2006

A bunch of soggy Dist 1, 4 & 5 Riders lead the "Support Our Troops Ride" in Milwaukee on Saturday May 13th from the State Fair Grounds to the Coast Guard Station on the Lake Front. Shows that Legion Riders patriotism is weather proof.